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The Common Causes of Vision Loss in Seniors

The Common Causes of Vision Loss in Seniors

Vision changes are common symptoms in aging. And especially for readers, they may experience progressing eyeglass requirements as they get older. But, aside from having to wear spectacles all the time, there are a number of other vision issues that are prevalent to older adults. Concepts of Care Home Health, Inc. would like to enlighten our clients on what these are.

  • Glaucoma. This is the leading cause of blindness in adults over 60, according to the National Eye Institute. An annual vision exam is the best way to detect this condition, as there are often no obvious symptoms.
  • Age-related macular degeneration (AMD). This occurs when a portion of your retina known as the “macula” is damaged, resulting to a loss of central vision. Often with this condition, however, the peripheral vision usually remains.
  • Detached retina. The risks of experiencing a torn or detached retina increases as a person grows older. You may experience sudden episodes of blurry vision, flashes in your line of sight, or shadows in your peripherals.

Living with vision issues may become a struggle, especially for older adults who may not be as capable of dealing with these complicated conditions as their younger counterparts. One solution that we recommend is to get skilled nursing care in Lafayette, Louisiana.

The proper provider of this type of home health care in Lafayette, LA can do wonders in helping your senior loved one cope better with their unique conditions.

We offer services that range from diabetic and wound care management to therapy services in Lafayette.

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